Revenue Intelligence

Leading companies use Una’s approach because orchestrating revenue is more than analytics – it involves collaboration and turning decisions into executed actions that:

  • Increase win rates, shorten sales cycle times, and improve customer retention and expansion
  • Maximize revenue and enhance profit margins
  • Drive predictable, sustainable growth

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Companies that aligned people, processes, and technology across their sales and marketing teams achieved 36% more revenue growth and up to 28% more profitability – Forrester  

One solution to manage revenue performance

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How does it work?

Una closes the revenue loop to unlock profitable growth

Why Use Una?

One Solution, Not Multiple

Instead of each department deploying their own analytics process for their part of the revenue journey, Una consolidates the data into one solution to:

  • Align on one source of truth using the bowtie data model
  • Visualize the issues across the whole customer journey from lead to renewal to expansion and increase win rates by 10%
  • Confidently allocate financial resources to the department that needs it most
Alignment, Not Silos

Instead of departments making self-interested decisions in isolation, Una’s approach helps to:   

  • Encourage cross-departmental discussions to address key challenges in the customer journey – together
  • Leverage the collective expertise of all revenue teams to make decisions that can increase expansion revenue by 20%
  • Use the “Revenue Architecture” framework to align all GTM teams
  • Align on future tests to drive continuous improvement
Action, Not Promises

Instead of relying on casual, self-managed follow-ups after revenue meetings, Una ensures that:

  • Tasks are documented and tracked 
  • Accountability is monitored
  • Priorities are delivered upon that can, for example, improve lead conversion rates by 25%

Winning by Design Certified Partner

As a trusted member of Winning by Design's Certified Partner Program, both companies believe that the best revenue programs must be:

• Founded on scientific principles
• Spanning the entire customer journey
• Measured by their impact